Number 4 - Fall 1990


Female Sexual Abusers: A Theory of Loss
Hollida Wakefield, Martha Rogers, & Ralph Underwager

Sex Abuse Hysteria: The Physicians
Richard A. Gardner

Investigative Procedures in Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
Part V: The Defense Perspective (Continued)

John C. Wideman

Prosecutorial Ethics
Mark S. Pollock

Confidentiality, Privilege, and Child Abuse Reporting
LeRoy G. Schultz

After the McMartin Trials: Some Reflections From the Buckeys
Peggy Buckey, Ray Buckey, & Peggy Ann Buckey

The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family
Darrell W. Richardson

Book Reviews:

Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Trials Revisited
(by Richard A. Gardner)
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager

Rational Choice in an Uncertain World
(by Robyn M. Dawes)
Reviewed by Hollida Wakefield

Judgment and Decision Making
(by J. Frank Yates)
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager

Nap Time: The True Story of Sexual Abuse at a Suburban Day-Care Center
(by Patricia Manshel)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

Males at Risk
(by Frank Bolton, Larry Morris, and Anne E. MacEachron)
Reviewed by Hollida Wakefield

The Child Molester: An Integrated Approach to Evaluation and Treatment
(by George Barnard, A. Kenneth Fuller, Lynn Robbins, and Theodore Shaw)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz


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