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Title: Satan's Underground   Neutral Review
Author: Lauren Stratford
Publisher: Pelican Press, 1991
(Originally published by Harvest House Publishers, 1988)

Pelican Publishing Company
P.O. Box 189
Gretna, Louisiana 70054
(800) 843-1724


This is a book written by an alleged satanic ritualistic abuse adult "survivor."  It sold over 140,000 copies in its first edition.  The author has spoken at numerous churches and made many other public presentations about her reported experiences.


As far as can be ascertained, the changes in this book are few, if any, since it was first published and then withdrawn from the market after the award-winning investigation and article by Gretchen and Bob Passantino (Answers in Action, Box 2067, Costa Mesa, California 92628) and Jon Trott (Cornerstone, Volume 18, Issue 90, Jesus People USA, 939 W. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois 60640, single issue two dollars) exposing major problems in the life history and story of this adult "survivor."  An afterword was advertised by three psychologists as an addition to the new edition, but this consisted of a disappointing two pages.  In essence, the story is the same and nothing has been impacted by the legitimate questions that were raised.  A study of the book alongside the Cornerstone article will be instructive for anyone wanting to better understand the psychology of the "survivor" phenomenon, since this is one of the few such published cases which has been seriously researched.

Reviewed by Martha L. Rogers, Tustin, California.

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