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Title: Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics
Author: Louise Armstrong
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1994

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.
One Jacob Way
Reading, MA 01867
(800) 447-2226

This 305-page book, divided into 12 chapters, argues that women (even offending women) are treated as victims or children by society and its institutions. It covers the pitfalls and inadequacies of the currently popular concepts of "recovery" and "denial" and critically describes how mental health professionals profit from "incest." The author's conclusion is that the cradle is still rocking but she doesn't know in what direction.

The book is nonempirical and depends upon case examples and anecdotes. It is marred by the author's one-sided approach, feminist jargon, annoying stream-of-thought writing style, and senseless male-bashing. She confuses child and adolescent rights and rape and child molesting and completely overlooks the woman as abuser, sibling abuse, and male victims.

This book is of very limited value and is not recommended.

Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, West Virginia University.

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