Table 1
Violet's Testimony and the TV Program

Violet's testimony
in the district court

Violet's testimony
in the Court of Appeal

The diary of 16-year-old
Lena in the TV program

I know that in the evenings when Mummy was working I sort of was lying there

and hoping that he would not come up

and (3 seconds) in (4 seconds) We were again alone at home, and I had gone upstairs and gone to bed.
and he always used slip pers

so that one heard when

he was coming up the stairs


he always used slippers, George

so that one always heard when

he went up the stairs

When I heard his steps in the stairway, I understood at once that he would come to me. I began to freeze and sweat.
so that one hoped

so that one was always lying in the bed hoping that he -

I always hope
he was just going to see TV that he was just going to see TV he will just fetch something and leave again
or do or do something of the kind
or that he intended to tell something or that he would to tell something
to Karen or Lucas to the others
about something they had forgotten or so that he had forgotten.
When one heard then that But when one heard then that
he came up and he closed Karen's door he closed Karen's door
- it was always open because she was very scared of darkness - - -
he closed the door [repetition] then I knew that he was about to go to my room, because he always did that when he was about to go to my room — then he closed the door to my sister, [repetition!] [cf. the above sentence;] I understood at once that he would come to me.

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