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Title: Rape: Controversial Issues: Criminal Profiles, Date Rape, False Reports and False Memories 
Author: John M. Macdonald
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 1995

Charles C. Thomas, Publisher
2600 South First St.
Springfield, IL 62794-9265
(217) 789-8980
$56.99 (c) $39.95 (p)

This relatively short book (205 pages) is an effective introduction to the most controversial questions posed relating to the crime of rape.  The author interviewed many victims and over 200 offenders in preparation for the book.  There are not many references, but those that are cited and referred to tend to be cogent and fairly recent.  They illustrate the points that need to be made and summarize the research base bearing on rape.  While there are many more relevant research studies than those included here, no major issues are left out.

The author addresses a wide variety of topics, such as sexual murderers, criminal profiling of rapists, false claims of child sexual abuse, and the response of the legal system.  The chapters dealing with false reports of rape is particularly useful.  The suggested motivations for falsifying rape charges are speculative but remain within the range of usual motivational constructs.  Some of the reports of more unusual events, such as women raping men or necrophilia, are based on news reports and may appear a bit strained.  Nevertheless, it is the information available about some low frequency but possible behaviors.

The book should be helpful to professionals with limited knowledge about rape and related issues.

Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, Institute for Psychological Therapies, Northfield, Minnesota 55057.

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