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Medical Evaluation of Physically and Sexually Abused Children: The APSAC Study Guides 3   Positive Review

Author: Carole Jenny
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., 1996

Sage Publications, Inc.
2455 Teller Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
(805) 499-0721
$95.00 (p)

The price of this 143-page American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) study guide includes the opportunity to get six continuing education credits through testing on the contents by the PsychoEducational Resources. A number of professional societies, including the American Psychological Association, approve the continuing education credits. The reader is advised to check with state boards or call PER to find out what credits may be available.

This volume is intended to provide an introduction to the current knowledge about the medical assessment of physical and sexual child abuse. Each chapter contains concise and brief descriptions of various types of abuse, several suggested references for further study, and a longer list of references for continued study. The material given is simple, to the point, and understandable. It is most useful for non-medically trained professionals who need to know more about medical assessments. The glossaries in the appendices are very useful and will help in learning what various terms mean. Medically trained professionals may find it a bit simplistic but there may still be value in a brief, concise overview. All in all, this is a comprehensive, effectively written, and well organized introduction to a complex and controversial area.

Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, Institute for Psychological Therapies, Northfield, Minnesota.

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