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Title: Family Therapy: A Social Work Approach
Author: George Thorman
Publisher: Charles C Thomas, 1997

Charles C Thomas
2600 South First Street
Springfield, IL 62794-9265
(217) 789-8980
$44.95 (c); $29.95 (p)

Family therapy is a therapeutic modality that has been shown to have adequate utility and effectiveness in improving some dysfunctional families. Social workers are often the professionals who are providing family therapy. This 141-page book places family life and family integrity at the center of concern. It is written with compassion for families and for the adults and children within families.

A brief summary of the major concepts and theories of family therapy begins the book. Identifying the patterns of dysfunction and beginning to solve the problems is the next step. Individual chapters deal with methods used to respond to crisis, abusive family interactions, and incest. The book ends with a short list of references and an index.

Social workers who are beginning to do family therapy will find this book helpful. If it is understood and followed, the beginning family therapist will be able to build on the experience and develop more extensive and sophisticated knowledge of this therapeutic modality. For those already experienced in family therapy, it may be a helpful refresher of basic concepts.

Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, Institute for Psychological Therapies, Northfield, Minnesota.

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