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Here are some links to other websites that you may find of interest:

BPD Central "BPD Central is a list of resources for people who care about someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD).  We are one of the oldest and largest sites about BPD on the web."  (added 4/25/02)

How to Become a Paralegal was created as a resource for students to find in-depth and unbiased information on becoming a paralegal.  One of its goals is to list every accredited paralegal school on the Internet.  (added 7/6/11)

http://www.mastersinpsychology.net/ "My goal is to reach students who are interested in getting a psychology degree."  (added 9/29/11)

Online Counseling Degrees - The Science of Behavior Analysis a page of useful links to definitions, organizations, journals & newsletters, news articles, and blogs.  (added 8/15/12)

Some Attorney Directories:

Criminal Defense Attorney "Find a Criminal Defense Attorney or Law Firm that specializes in criminal defense law.  Including Juvenile Justice, White Collar Crime, Assault and Battery and other areas of Criminal Defense.  (added 9/29/11)

LawFirmDirectory.org  "is one of the largest directories of law firms and legal resources on the Internet.  We have over 20,000 links in more than 2,400 categories."  (added 9/29/11)

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