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Title: Testifying in Court
Author: Richard A. Gardner
Publisher: Creative Therapeutics, Inc., ©1995

This 273-page book by Richard Gardner, a psychiatrist who has been involved in hundreds of legal proceedings over the past 35 years, contains seven chapters of advice to mental health professionals on testifying in court. An addendum contains Gardner's written provisions for serving as an evaluator, and his suggested voir dire questions for attorneys. There is a brief list of references and a short index.

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Title: Theories of Memory
Editors: Alan F. Collins, Susan E. Gathercole, Martin A. Conway, and Peter E. Morris
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., ©1993

This 428-page book consists of 14 chapters by memory researchers from the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. There are references following each chapter and the book has an author index and a short subject index.

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Title: The Transcendent Child
Author: Lillian B. Rubin
Publisher: Harper Perennial, ©1996

In an age of victimization, whining, and complaining, this 229-page book is like a breath of fresh air. It consists of eight accounts of persons who had horrible families, terrible abusive childhoods, tragic and traumatic events, but who were not destroyed. They persevered, continued, and made good lives for themselves. This is a book of hope, optimism, and also common sense. Its fundamental idea is that the past does not determine either our present or our future.

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Transforming Trauma: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Author: Anna C. Salter
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1995

The main message of this 353-page book is ". . . it's a dicey world out there" (p.309). That leads Salter to declare, "In many ways, this entire book is about safety" (p. 4). What makes the world dicey and makes safety central is the male sex offender. The effects of sexual abuse by men are presented as universally destructive and enduring. Therapy is always necessary and must follow the model suggested by Salter in order to overcome the effects of the continued emotional and psychological presence of the male abuser in the mind and heart of the victim.

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Title: Trauma, Memory, and Dissociation
Editors: J. Douglas Bremner and Charles R. Marmar
Publisher: American Psychiatric Press, Inc., ©1998

This 429-page volume is part of the Progress in Psychiatry Series produced by the American Psychiatric Association Scientific Program Committee and the American Psychiatric Press. An American Psychiatric Association Symposium in 1993 on trauma and dissociation is the proximate cause for concluding that, after more than 80 years since Janet's formulations of trauma and dissociation, there is now an "electric atmosphere" and a reshaping of this area of psychiatry. The goal of this book, which consists of 12 chapters by 24 authors, is to present a consolidation of the work of some of the major investigators in the fields of trauma, memory, and dissociation. References follow each chapter and the book ends with a subject index.

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Title: Trauma and Memory: Clinical and Legal Controversies
Editors: Paul S. Applebaum, Lisa A. Uyehara, and Mark R. Elin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, ©1997

Seldom does an edited book reach the level of quality of this 552-page volume. The contributors have produced 22 chapters of relevant material, nicely organized, clearly written, and well founded in professional and scientific research. The contributors offer a variety of perspectives, and the opposing viewpoints in the debate over memories of childhood trauma are represented. References follow each chapter and there is a good index at the end.

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Title: Trauma and Sexuality: The Effects of Childhood Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse
Editors: James A. Chu and Elizabeth S. Bowman
Publisher: Haworth Medical Press, ©2003

This book expresses a number of alternative ways to view the relationship between human sexuality and the experience of trauma.

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Treating Abused Adolescents

Author: Eleana Gil
Publisher: The Guilford Press, ©1996

The author, a play therapist and college professor, attempts to cover this vast subject in seven chapters. She puts her own treatment spin on this issue using outdated theories about abuse. The extent and various types of abuse are briefly covered and Gil attempts to fit abuse into standard treatments and avoids any discussion of resilience.

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Title: Treating Patients with Memories of Abuse: Legal Risk Management
Authors: Samuel J. Knapp and Leon VandeCreek
Publisher: American Psychological Association, ©1997

The war is over. This 197-page book signals the end of the recovered memories war that has divided the mental health professions. If the suggestions of this book are followed there will be few, if any, cases of iatrogenic causation of false memories of repressed childhood abuse. There will be few, if any, cases of memories of abuse that have been always present that are discounted or dismissed as false.

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Title: Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse
Editor: Valerie Sinason
Publisher: Routledge, ©1994

This book is useful for anyone who needs a startling, clear demonstration of the amazing ability of 20th century human beings to persuade themselves to believe firmly in utter claptrap and nonsense. There are 34 chapters, 319 pages, and a minimal index. In the introduction, the editor describes the process of beginning with a few contributors but winding up with 35 persons, many of whom eagerly volunteered to produce their reports, essays, and descriptions of the therapy they do. There are said to be many more eagerly waiting in the wings.

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Title: Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Sexual abuse: A Child-Generated Model
Authors: Sandra A. Burkhardt and Anthony F. Rotatori
Publisher: Taylor & Francis, ©1995

The goal of this 166-page book by two clinical psychologists is to present a practice-oriented model of intervention for sexually abused children. It takes the approach that a successful intervention strategy is based on information generated by the child as opposed to traditional approaches where the treatment is based on information coming from adults. The authors believe it is essential to understand sexual abuse from the child's perspective. The intervention model is based on research for Sandra Burkhardt's master's thesis and doctoral dissertation.

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Title: Treatment Strategies for Abused Children: From Victim to Survivor
Authors: Cheryl L. Karp and Traci L. Butler
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1996

Treatment given to children who have been physically or sexually abused is dominated by a psychoanalytic, feeling-expressive and insight-oriented model.  This 236-page book and the accompanying activity workbook presents a simple, concise, well-organized, and easily followed road map for doing this kind of therapy.  The authors are explicit in stating this therapeutic approach is intended only for children where there is no question that abuse has occurred and where there has been a reliable determination that abuse has happened.

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Title: True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
Editor: Tara Ney
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel, Inc. ©1995

This 371-page book consists of 20 chapters by different researchers and practioners, including Jon Conte, William Friedrich, Betty Gordon, Elizabeth Loftus, Peter Ornstein, Nancy Walker Perry, Amye Warren, Michael Yapko, and John Yuille. The chapters are organized into five major sections: an introduction, child development issues, the interview, assessment issues, and legal and ethical issues.

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Title: Trust and Betrayal in the Treatment of Child Abuse
Author: Laurie K. MacKinnon
Publisher: The Guilford Press, ©1998

This 260-page book by an Australian therapist is based upon her experiences in working with families who are involved with child protection. The focus is on developing an effective therapeutic relationship with clients in these very difficult cases.

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Title: Trust Betrayed: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Inter-agency Child Protection Work and Partnership with Families
Editors: Jan Horwath and Brian Lawson
Publisher: Paul & Company Publishers Consortium, Inc. ©National Children's Bureau, 1996

This 266-page book consists of 15 chapters with references following each chapter. The book offers a useful and balanced discussion of the difficulties in making an MSBP diagnosis and is one of the first discussions of treatment of the parents and adult survivors. The key recommendation for treatment is that therapists should do what they know they do well and not strive to figure out new approaches. This may be a good suggestion for all therapists to consider.

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Title: Truth in Memory
Editors: Stephen Jay Lynn and Kevin M. McConkey
Publisher: The Guilford Press, ©1998

This 508-page book consists of six sections and 19 chapters written by a wide variety of scientists and practitioners who will be familiar to readers, including Bette Bottoms, Gail Goodman, Edward Geiselman, John Kihlstrom, Richard Kluft, Stephen Lindsay, Elizabeth Loftus, Ralph Underwager, and Hollida Wakefield. References follow each chapter and there is a subject index at the end of the book.

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Title: Unjustified Damnation
Author: Jack Berry
Publisher: Jim-Jac Publishing, Ltd., ©1998

Although the writing is a bit stiff, the story told in this 460-page book is a tragic, but realistic, account of how an allegation of child sexual abuse may produce a wrongful conviction. The author claims he is innocent, but was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter when she was three years old. Whether or not he is innocent, the actions of the prosecutor, the testimony of witnesses, according to the court records, and the unfortunate choices of the defense attorney are those observed in many trials. At that level there is nothing to suggest the account is anything other than accurate. The outcome of conviction and prison is also a realistic potential for anyone charged with child sexual abuse.

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Title: Unpardonable Sins: A Father's Fight for Justice
Authors: Robert M. McQueeney and Bob Vacan
Publisher: New Horizon Press, ©1992

This book describes a father's two- and one-half-year legal battle for custody of his son after he was falsely accused of sexual abuse. The allegations surfaced after the father noticed inflammation in his son's genitals while bathing him and told the child's mother. The mother then called the police and the father was charged with sexual abuse. The case was referred to a "social worker," who later admitted she lacked an appropriate degree and who shredded all her notes.

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Unspeakable Acts: Why Men Sexually Abuse Children

Author: Douglas W. Pryor
Publisher: New York University Press, ©1996

This 351-page book reports on a research project on 30 convicted sex offenders; the sample was provided by four clinicians. The author, who acknowledges our social and moral distaste for studying this population, attempts to learn why men sexually abuse children.

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Title: Until Darkness Holds No Fear
Author: Elizabeth Mikal
Publisher: Books Beyond Borders, Inc. ©1995

This 264-page book purports to be the history of a woman who was taken by the state from her biological parents and given to adoptive parents at age four. She claims to remember abuse, both physical and sexual, at least back to 18 months of age and continuing to the time she left an adoptive home. Both natural parents, siblings, and adoptive parents are depicted as monsters who were savage and cruel in every imaginable way. The unspeakable savagery supposedly caused the young child to dissociate, then develop a variety of personalities in order to cope with the daily horrors.

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Title: Use of Neuroleptics in Children
Editors: Mary Ann Richardson and Gary Haugland
Publisher: American Psychiatric Press, Inc ©1996

For professionals who deal with children who may be showing various levels of disturbance, at least a rudimentary knowledge of drugs often prescribed for children can be very useful.  This 215-page book for clinicians, intended to be a summary of research on using tranquilizing drugs with children, can be useful to many others as well.  It is essentially a brief introduction to the basis upon which drugs may be prescribed, how they must be controlled and monitored, and what cautions need to be expressed.

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Title: Violence Issues for Health Care Educators and Providers
Editors: L. Kevin Hamberger, Sandra K. Burge, Antonnette V. Graham, and Anthony J. Costa
Publisher: The Haworth Press, ©1997

The medicalization of social problems proceeds apace in this 333-page book. The basic assumption is that health care providers can be trained to recognize, assess, and treat violence. This is a frightening prospect because the history of health care providers who attempt to do that shows a high level of inaccuracy, ineptitude, and an unconscionable level of false positives. There is little or no evidence suggesting that health care providers can be safely entrusted with the task of solving social problems.

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Title: Violence and Sexual Abuse at Home: Current Issues in Spousal Battering and Child Maltreatment
Editors: Robert Geffner, Susan B. Sorenson, and Paula K. Lundberg-Love
Publisher: The Haworth Press, ©1997

Selective attention is a phenomenon fairly well known in the perceptual research literature. This book is a demonstration that selective attention may also be observed in the reporting and interpretation of putative research data. Violence among humans is as old as humans. Violence is a constant in nature and the theory of evolution relies upon the scenario of survival of the fittest as the engine driving the evolutionary process.

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Title: Violent Offenders: Appraising and Managing Risk
Authors: Vernon L. Quinsey, Grant T. Harris, Marnie E. Rice, and Catherine A. Cormier
Publisher: American Psychological Association, ©1998

This 356-page book reports on a program of research that began 25 years ago at the maximum-security Oak Ridge Division of the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre in Ontario, Canada. Most of the research has been reported over the years in different book chapters and articles, but the authors bring it together and draw conclusions about the prediction of violent behavior.

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Title: Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice
Author: Margaret A. Hagen
Publisher: Regan Books/HarperCollins Publishers, ©1997

Margaret Hagen, a psychologist who teaches at Boston University, wrote this book after her brother spent $90,000 defending himself in a civil lawsuit. He was sued for $3.4 million for psychological injury resulting from alleged (and denied by the brother) actions 20 years before. The trial included a parade of psychological experts and, after her brother won the case, Hagen's outrage inspired her to write this book.

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Title: Witch-Children: From Salem Witch-Hunts to Modern Courtrooms
Author: Hans Sebold
Publisher: Prometheus Books, ©1995

There have been many comparisons of medieval and pre-modern witch hunts, including the Salem witch trials in the 17th century, and the current use of child witnesses in dealing with allegations of child abuse. This 258-page book is a straightforward historical account of the witch-hunts of earlier times. The unique aspect of this book, however, is the emphasis on describing and understanding the role children played in witch-hunts.

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Title: Witch Hunt: A True Story of Social Hysteria and Abused Justice
Author: Kathryn Lyon
Publisher: Avon Books, ©1998

This 470-page book describes the sexual abuse hysteria in Wenatchee, Washington, that resulted in 45 people being arrested and dozens imprisoned for bizarre sex crimes. Wenatchee occurred a decade after similar infamous cases of the 1980s such as McMartin and Kern County in California, Jordan in Minnesota, and Kelly Michaels in New Jersey. Many people felt that the days of sexual abuse indictments on the basis of fantastic statements by children who were repeatedly interviewed was over. But it happened again in Wenatchee, which Lyon compares to the McCarthy era and sees as the greatest instance of social hysteria in the 1990s.

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Title: Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Healing through Group Work: Beyond Survival
Author: Judy Chew
Publisher: The Haworth Press, ©1998

This 160-page book is described by the publisher as a detailed discussion of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings involved in doing group therapy with adults who were sexually abused as children. There are descriptions of 13 group sessions with outlined activities, concepts, and some suggested content. The book ends with a bibliography and an index.

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Wounded Innocents: The Real Victims of the War Against Child Abuse - Second Edition

Author: Richard Wexler
Publisher: Prometheus Books, ©1995

Richard Wexler, a journalist, is well-known after the 1990 edition of his book which catalogues how the child welfare system is failing both families and children. He includes an update in Chapter 12. Most of his sources of data are based on newspaper accounts, but even so, Wexler makes a convincing argument.

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