Reviewed Books (A-G):

Title: America's Shame: Women and Children in Shelter and the Degradation of Family Roles
Author: Barbara A. Arrighi
Publisher: Praeger Publishers, ©1997

Poverty is a grim reality that involves our entire society. History does not offer solutions to the stratification of any social group along lines that may create inequity of some sort. Shelter is the main focus of this 138-page book's attempt to deal with poverty's real world. Homelessness and poor people, mostly women and their children, often find that the only place for them to be is a shelter for homeless people. The book attempts to let the reader know what this may be like through reporting discussion sessions with the homeless.

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Title: The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment

John Briere, Lucy Berliner, Josephine A. Bulkley, Carole Jenny, and Theresa Reid

Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1996

This oversized 449-page book was written in cooperation with the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children in Michigan.  In 22 chapters, the editors, along with a variety of authors, attempt to cover the latest empirical research on selected topics.

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Title: Art Therapy with Sexual Abuse Survivors
Author: Stephanie L. Brooke
Publisher: Charles C Thomas, Publisher, ©1997

Art is as old as humanity and archeological scholars puzzle about the meaning of ancient cave drawings, pottery shards, statues, and structures of various sorts. This 174-page book continues archeological puzzlement over art productions, but seeks to discover the meaning of art done by children and adults who have some claim to have been sexually abused.

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Title: Ashes to Ashes . . . Families to Dust: False Accusations of Child Abuse: A Roadmap for Survivors
Author: Dean Tong
Publisher: FamRights Press, ©1996

This 258-page book, divided into 18 easy-to-read chapters, concludes with 7 appendices which are a virtual bible for surviving false charges of child abuse. The book opens with four cases that make the author's point — divorce and custody decisions may be determined by false information. Falsely accused fathers are interviewed and tips for survival given, along with descriptions of the characteristics found in falsely accusing parents.

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Title: Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
Author: Kathryn Kuehnle
Publisher: Professional Resource Press, ©1996

This is a large, easy-to-read book by a psychologist in private practice who specializes in evaluations of sexual abuse allegations and who defines herself as an advocate for children. Thee are 11 chapters and 25 appendices, many charts and tables, and 305 listed references. The book closes with a usable index.

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Title: Assessing Sex Offenders: Problems and Pitfalls
Author: Terence W. Campbell
Publisher: Charles C Thomas, ©2005

Dr. Campbell agrees the research is clear that actuarial assessment is superior to clinical judgment.  But he argues quite persuasively that none of the actuarial methods for assessing sexual offense recidivism have advanced enough to improve over making predictions based entirely on the base rate.  He notes that unless a prediction scheme has exceptional accuracy, attempting to predict events in a population with a low antecedent probability will inevitably lead to an unacceptable level of false positives.  Unless the base rate for recidivism for sex offenders exceeds 30 percent, barring unusual circumstances, the most accurate prediction will always be that a person will not engage in sexual violence.  But none of the actuarial instrument developed to date have more than modest accuracy.

Dr. Campbell's book should be studied by anyone who does risk assessments, not only for SVP evaluations but for sentencing evaluations and conditional discharge considerations.

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Assessment of Sexual Offenders Against Children: The APSAC Study Guides 1


Vernon L. Quinsey and Martin L. Lalummiëre

Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1996

The study guide and the accompanying knowledge tests in this short book (98-pages including notes, bibliography, and tests) are intended to advance the knowledge of professionals and fulfill legal requirements for continuing education.  These guides are produced by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC).  This first guide is likely to be quite influential and to have significant impact on the practice of assessing sexual offenders against children.

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Title: Autobiographical Memory: Remembering What and Remembering When
Authors: Charles P. Thompson, John J. Skowronski, Steen F. Larsen, and Andrew L. Betz
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., ©1996

Human memory is one of the earliest areas of systematic psychological study beginning with the first psychological laboratories in the 19th century. Memory remains an important and controversial arena. In child abuse allegations the memory of individuals is a major issue since all claims of past abusive experiences depend upon memory capacity to establish what happened. This book is specifically aimed at the type of memory, autobiographical, that is involved in assessing the facticity of claimed prior events.

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Title: The Battered Child - Fifth Edition
Editors: Mary Edna Helfer, Ruth S. Kempe, and Richard D. Krugman
Publisher: University of Chicago Press, ©1997

This 671-page book is the fifth edition of this classic and influential book. It is dedicated to Dr. Roy Helfer who died in 1992 and who was a leader in the effort to eliminate child maltreatment. The editors state that, although the format of the book remains the same, 90% of the content is new.

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Title: Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse
Author: Jennifer J. Freyd
Publisher: Harvard University Press, ©1997

Jennifer Freyd, a cognitive psychologist and the daughter of Pamela Freyd, the Director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, addresses the question of why memories of incestuous abuse are suppressed when other types of traumatic memories are remembered. This 232-page book consists of seven chapters defending Freyd's betrayal trauma theory. According to her thesis, abuse of child by a parent or caretaker constitutes a betrayal of trust.

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Title: Blasphemous Rumors: Is Satanic Ritual Abuse Fact or Fantasy? An Investigation
Author: Andrew Boyd
Publisher: Fount Paperbacks, ©1991

The stated purpose of this book is to raise questions about ritual abuse and help readers make up their own minds as to ritual abuse allegations brought by children in the United Kingdom.  In the first section, the author provides a history of how a myth is made, citing five highly publicized cases: Nottingham, UK; Rochdale, UK; Oude Pekela in the Netherlands; the Hamilton case in Canada; and McMartin in the United States.  Boyd then discusses characteristics of cults and their methods of control, the origin of occult connections and their alleged connection to the Masonic Church and its beliefs, contemporary satanism, and some issues from contemporary magazines about satanism from the UK. He next addresses the problem of legal proof and evidence in different nations. The last chapter includes interviews with both alleged witches and victims.  There is a set of footnotes and an index.

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Title: Child Abuse Errors: When Good Intentions Go Wrong
Author: Dennis Howitt
Publisher: Rutgers University Press, ©1993

This 226-page book is based on the reports of 17 British families erroneously accused of child abuse and the conclusions of several articles from the British Association of Social Workers. Howitt takes us on a tour of an underworld of incompetence where injustice after injustice is dumped on powerless families. The book was prompted by the mistakes made by child protection investigations, and it highlights the perils of ideology.

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Title: Child Abuse, Psychotherapy, and the Law
Author: Roger Kennedy
Publisher: Free Association Books, ©1998

Roger Kennedy, a therapist at Cassel Hospital in London, describes Cassel Hospital's approach to parents who are on probation after having been found guilty of child abuse. Whole families are admitted on an inpatient basis and parents are encouraged to participate in treatment planning. The approach is basically psychoanalytic in both treatment and diagnosis.

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Title: Child Eyewitness Testimony in Sexual Abuse Investigations
Author: Bruce E. Mapes
Publisher: Clinical Psychology Publishing Co., ©1995

This short (120 pages) book has a cook book quality to it.  It was written primarily for forensic psychologists, although all mental health professionals might profit from it.  Bruce Mapes, a teacher/counselor for disturbed and disabled adolescents, notes that law enforcement and child welfare workers know little about legal evidence or child development and the ambiguity in the field leads to battles between the experts.  Mapes also points out that there is a lack of empirical studies and real world research on the problem of abuse ...

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Title: The Child Sexual Abuse Custody Dispute Annotated Bibliography
Authors: Wendy Deaton, Suzanne Long, Holly A. Magaña, and Julie Robbins
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1995

This 188-page annotated bibliography came out of The Child Abuse Custody Dispute Task Force of the California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (CAPSAC). CAPSAC, recognizing that sexual abuse cases involving custody disputes were of major concern to professionals, had the goal of developing a protocol and policy recommendations. The task force first embarked on a literature search of the legal, social, and behavioral sciences. This search resulted in this book.

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Title: Child Sexual Abuse and False Memory Syndrome
Editor: Robert A. Baker
Publisher: Prometheus Books, ©1998

In this 479-page book, Robert Baker has pulled together 22 articles from all sides of the debate over recovered memories and false memories. Contributors include Maggie Bruck, Stephen Ceci, Christine Courtois, David Finkelhor, James Hudson, Elizabeth Loftus, Richard Ofshe, Harrison Pope, Hollida Wakefield, Ralph Underwager, Michael Yapko, and several others. These articles, which first appeared elsewhere, are representative of the controversy over recovered memories of alleged sexual abuse. Many of the most influential and important articles over the last few years are collected in this book.

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Title: Child Survivors and Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
Editor: Mic Hunter
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1995

This 184-page book demonstrates an extremely serious but often overlooked failure of mental health professionals. The separation of clinical practice and science is scandalous and has brought the mental health professions to the brink of irrelevance as far as the general public is concerned. This schism led to the formation of the American Psychological Society as a protest and statement that the American Psychological Association has abandoned science in the interest of preserving practice.

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Title: Child Witnesses: Fragile Voices in the American Legal System
Author: Lucy S. McGough
Publisher: Yale University Press, ©1994

Using the device of focusing on specific, high visibility cases that have reached appellate level decisions, Lucy McGough, a law professor, brings together a trenchant criticism of the weaknesses and flaws in the legal system and a discussion of current social science research that addresses the problems identified. Throughout, McGough also shows a warm and compassionate understanding of the consequences for children when they are embroiled in the legal system.

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Title: Childhood Abuse: Effects on Clinicians' Personal and Professional Lives
Authors: Helene Jackson and Ronald Nuttall
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1997

This 265-page book is based upon a research project concerning the effects of a childhood history of abuse on a sample of 655 clinicians. Of this sample, 21% reported a history of childhood abuse. The book deals with variables, including the presence or absence of an abuse history, that affect the way professionals react to abuse allegations. The book ends with appendices containing the questionnaires, vignettes, and covering letters, a limited list of references, and a short subject and author index.

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Title: Childhood and Children: A Compendium of Customs, Superstitions, Theories, Profiles, and Facts
Author: Joan Bel Geddes
Publisher: Oryx Press, ©1997

A compendium is a summary. This book is a fascinating summary of what has been thought, said, and done about, to, and by children across most of history. There is not a page that does not contain some new, little-known, but important piece of information about children and childhood. The book informs, surprises, sometimes shocks, entertains, and engages. It may be a boon to trivia seekers but also a blessing to scholars. It ranges from sparkling humor to pathos and dismay. There is simply no way that anyone who is concerned about and interested in children can fail to benefit from having this book.

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Title: Childhood Phases of Maturity
Author: Ernest Borneman
Publisher: Prometheus Books, ©1994

This 325-page book by Austrian sexologist Ernest Borneman is described in the Foreword by Vern L. Bullough as a path-breaking book because it is a comprehensive examination of childhood sexuality from birth through age eight. Indeed, it is.

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Title: Children at Play
Editors: Arietta Slade and Dennie Palmer Wolf
Publisher: Oxford University Press, ©1994

In this 313-page book, the editors attempt to bring together psychoanalytic theory and formulations about children's play and developmental psychology's attempts to understand children's play. The authors of the 14 chapters are clinicians practicing psychoanalytic play therapy and developmental psychologists. The clinicians simply accept Freudian concepts as accurate while the developmentalists do not attend to the issue of empirical support for Freudian personality theory.

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Title: Children Speak for Themselves: Using the Kempe Interactional Assessment to Evaluate Allegations of Parent-Child Sexual Abuse
Authors: Clare Haynes-Seman and David Baumgarten
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel, Inc., ©1994

The authors of this 192-page book use attachment theory to support their claim that all parties involved in a sexual abuse allegation should be interviewed by skilled, experienced workers who know and use the Kempe Interactional Assessment (KIA). The authors believe that sexual abuse allegations cannot be properly evaluated without interviewing both parents, separately in cases of divorce and together in intact families. The child is present during the interview with the parents, and prior to the interview there is an unstructured play period with the parents. Observation of these interactions is seen as the key to understanding the family relationships.

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Title: Coals of Fire
Author: Don Nicholds
Publisher: Don Nicholds, ©1994

This privately published book of 214 pages is the story of a 59-year-old Australian minister who was convicted of child molestation in 1988. He maintains it was a wrongful conviction and this is his account of how an innocent man can be convicted of crimes not committed. He spent three years in prison and the account includes descriptions of events in prison and the attitude of prisoners toward a convicted child molester. He also tells how prisoners and guards can come to a conclusion that a prisoner is, indeed, not guilty and what then changes in the behaviors toward the innocent prisoner.

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Title: Combating Child Abuse: International Perspectives and Trends
Editor: Neil Gilbert
Publisher: Oxford University Press, ©1997

Analysis of nine countries produced three categories of child abuse systems. The countries are Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. The three types of system are 1) child protection orientation which emphasize legalistic interventions, 2) family service orientation with mandated reporting, and 3) family service orientation with nonmandatory reporting. The two family service orientation systems emphasize therapeutic interventions. The United States, Canada, and England are child protection systems. Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are family service orientations with mandatory reporting and Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany are family service orientation systems without mandatory reporting. Each country in this 255-page book is covered in a chapter devoted to a comparative analysis of the frequency and type of abuse encountered and the way the system responds. A concluding chapter summarizes the findings and presents the commonalities observed. There are references following each chapter and the book closes with subject and author indexes.

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Title: Construction and Reconstruction of Memory: Dilemmas of Child Sexual Abuse
Editor: Charlotte Prozan
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc. ©1997

This 236-page book was edited by a social worker who is an Associate Director of the San Francisco Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. He has collected a large number of authors and articles, but the book is primarily psychoanalytic in its approach.

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Title: The Contours of Police Integrity   Positive Review Positive Review
Editors: Carl B. Klockars, Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic, and M. R. Haberfeld
Publisher: Sage, ©2003

This book reports a study of the integrity of police forces and departments in 14 countries, including the U. S., Asian, European, and Islamic nations.  While there are wide variations in culture, values, procedures, and structures, there is a close agreement on what integrity is for police and on a fundamental principle that those acts punished most severely are those regarded most seriously.

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Convicted but Innocent: Wrongful Conviction and Public Policy

Authors: C. Ronald Huff, Arye Rattner, and Edward Sagarin
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1996

This 180-page book reports on 10 years of research on the factors involved in wrongful convictions. The authors use case samples and survey data to produce a careful, well-reasoned, and conservative approach to the frequency, causes, and consequences of putting innocent people in prisons. The book ends with a list of references, case citations, and an index.

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Title: The Cradle Will Fall
Authors: Carl S. Burak & Michelle G. Remington
Publisher: Donald I. Fine, Inc., ©1994

This 214-page book, consisting of 42 chapters and an epilogue, is an account of a woman who killed her newborn child, unsuccessfully attempted suicide, and was tried for murder. Carl Burak is a psychiatrist and attorney and Michelle Remington is his patient. Remington was found temporarily insane and acquitted.

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Title: Crazy Therapies: What are They? Do They Work?
Authors: Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc., ©1996

Crazy Therapies was written to help consumers become aware of the vast array of therapies being offered by a variety of practitioners in the mental health marketplace today. The book's message is "buyer beware" as the marketplace has become flooded with controversial, "far out" therapies practiced by both licensed and unlicensed "healers." Although a number of widely accepted, ethical, and scientifically-based treatments are also available, consumers may end up wasting a lot of time and money pursuing illegitimate, even harmful treatments.

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Title: Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America
Authors: James Randell Noblitt and Pamela Sue Perskin
Publisher: Praeger Publishers, ©1995

In 17 short chapters, the authors attempt to persuade the reader that cult memories are valid. James Noblitt is a clinical psychiatrist who treats patients for multiple personality disorder, and Pamela Perskin is the director of the Society for the Investigation, Treatment, and Prevention of Ritual and Cult Abuse at Richardson, Texas. The stated purpose of the book is to review published and unpublished material concerning ritual and satanic ritual abuse, which they do only on a very selective basis.

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Title: A Delusion of Satan
Author: Francis Hill
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., ©1995

In 218 pages the author, a journalist, covers the Salem witch trials in great detail.  His research is very extensive and this book may well be one of the best written on the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials.

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Title: The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Darkness
Author: Carl Sagan
Publisher: Random House, ©1995

In 25 chapters and 457 pages, this famous astronomer and well-known scientist has written the most blunt attack on magical thinking I have ever read.  Sagan attacks the senseless basis of the belief in UFOs, faith healing, channeling, psychic phenomena, and many, many more.

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Disclosure Processes in Children and Adults

Editor: Ken J. Rotenberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ©1995

Disclosure of personal experience, thought, and emotion is a central factor in interpersonal relationships. It is also most often the beginning event in dealing with accusations of child abuse. This 237-page book systematically discusses disclosure processes in children and adolescents reporting both the limited amount of earlier research and current original research. References follow each chapter and there is an author index and subject index at the end.

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Title: Dissociation in Children and Adolescents: A Developmental Perspective
Author: Frank W. Putnam
Publisher: Guilford Publications, ©1997

This 423-page book offers a thoughtful, sober, careful, detailed, and thorough review of the theories, research data, clinical experience, and suggested treatments of dissociative disorders in children and adolescents. It provides succinct and clear treatment of a fairly complete set of the questions, concerns, issues, and problems connected with dissociation phenomena. There is an attempt at presenting a balanced view and there is brief mention of most of the alternative concepts, explanations, and contrary research.

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Title: Dissociative Identity Disorder: Theoretical and Treatment Controversies
Editors: Lewis Cohen, Joan Berzoff, and Mark Elin
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc., ©1995

This 541-page book consists of contributions from clinicians and academicians representing a variety of opinions about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The book is divided into three parts: (1) does DID really exist? (2) theoretical controversies, and (3) treatment controversies. There are references after each chapter and an index at the end.

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Title: Documenting Psychotherapy: Essentials for Mental Health Practitioners
Authors: Mary E. Moline, George T. Williams, and Kenneth M. Austin
Publisher: Sage Publications, ©1998

Keeping accurate records that meet legal requirements and the ethical codes of the professions is so rare that we often advise attorneys there is always going to be something with which to impeach an expert witness in the way the records are kept. There is no other area where practitioners are as vulnerable to criticism, attack, and malpractice litigation.

This 189-page book is a much needed and invaluable resource both for keeping proper records and for litigation when acceptable records are not kept.

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Title: Don't Pee on my Leg and Tell Me it's Raining
Author: Judy Sheindlin
Publisher: HarperCollins, ©1996

This free-wheeling book by a family court judge is filled with anecdotal horror stories about how courts are stupid and willing victims.  After 24 years on the bench, the author decries the poor foster home system, which she calls the "fraudulent foster care plague" (p. 115) and provides numerous examples of damage caused to families by the courts.  She pleads for more parental involvement and responsibility and proposes raising the Federal tax allowance to $10,000 per child.

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Title: DSM-IV Training Guide
Authors: William H. Reid and Michael G. Wise
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel, Inc., ©1995

For those who must make diagnostic decisions or who may be interested in research relating to diagnosis, this 347-page training guide can be a helpful adjunct to the DSM-IV manual. This represents another forward step in the effort to make diagnosis more valid and reliable.

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Title: The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children   Negative Review
Editors: Robert A. Geffner, Robyn Spurling Igelman, and Jennifer Zellner
Publisher: Haworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press, ©2003

A book that calmly and objectively assessed the facts that can be based on good science would be an invaluable aid in finding a way through the maze of claims, counterclaims, fears, and anxieties.  Unfortunately, this book does not meet that standard.  Instead, it represents a biased and prejudiced approach to the reality of domestic violence that does not offer factual information but rather endorsement of a limited and erroneous position on what is known about domestic violence.

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Title: The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs   Positive Review  Positive Review
Author: Richard Lawrence Miller
Publisher: Greenwood, © 2002

This book is a valuable and usable resource for anyone who reads.  Professionals, not trained in medications or drugs, who encounter situations where knowing about a drug or class of drugs can be important, will find this book very helpful.

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Title: Ending the Cycle of Abuse
Authors: Philip G. Ney and Anna Peters
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel, Inc., ©1995

For those who are interested in a relatively reasoned and careful description of recovered memory therapy, this 246-page book provides it. The principal professional author is apparently a psychiatrist by training but this is not specifically stated. He is described as maintaining a private practice of group therapy with adults abused as children, Director of the Adolescent Unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Victoria, B.C., and Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. The book is a detailed description of a 30-week structured group therapy treatment of seven adult women. The second author is one of the patients who was in the group.

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Title: Ethical Conflicts in Psychology
Editor: Donald N. Bersoff
Publisher: American Psychological Association, ©1995

Professional ethical standards are crucial in determining proper standards of care, what constitutes good practice, and what positive goals to pursue as a professional.  They are also necessary to weigh the behaviors of professionals engaged in any venture which winds up enmeshed in the justice system.  This 525-page volume, prepared by Dr. Bersoff, psychologist and attorney, after years of experience as legal consultant to the American Psychological Association, to the APA Ethics Committee, and now as a law school teacher, offers a useful and handy compendium of the ethical codes for psychologists and some of the best thinking about ethical behaviors by psychologists.

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Evaluating Children Suspected of Having Been Sexually Abused: The APSAC Study Guides 2

Author: Kathleen Coulborn Faller
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., ©1996

The study guide and the accompanying knowledge tests in this 100-page book are intended to provide critical knowledge in selected areas of child maltreatment.  This is the second volume in a series which is intended to fulfill legal requirements for continuing education.  These guides are produced by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC).

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Title: Evidence-based Psychotherapies for Children and Adolescents   Positive Review Positive Review
Editors: Alan E. Kazdin and John R. Weisz
Publisher: Guilford, ©2003

This book is a timely and necessary review of what is now known about the scientific basis for therapies intended for children and adolescents.  It must be read and understood by anyone bold enough to sell services for children and adolescents and anyone who must decide what therapy is appropriate for children and adolescents.

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Title: Expert Witnesses in Child Abuse Cases
Editors: Stephen J. Ceci and Helene Hembrooke
Publisher: American Psychological Association, ©1998

This is a good book, but it is too late. The aim of this 199-page book is stated in the final paragraph of the introduction: "The chapters in this volume are successful in addressing what the issues are. The next logical, moral, and ethical step is to address them formally in a manner that is complete and unambiguous. The duality of the question 'What can (and should) an expert tell the court?' will always exist in theory, given the differences between the legal and psychological forums. This book is a first step toward eradicating this duality in practice. Our hope is that professionals serving as experts will concern themselves with the should" (7-8).

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Title: Family Therapy: A Social Work Approach
Author: George Thorman
Publisher: Charles C Thomas, ©1997

Family therapy is a therapeutic modality that has been shown to have adequate utility and effectiveness in improving some dysfunctional families. Social workers are often the professionals who are providing family therapy. This 141-page book places family life and family integrity at the center of concern. It is written with compassion for families and for the adults and children within families.

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Title: Fatal Families: The Dynamics of Intrafamilial Homicide
Author: Charles Patrick Ewing
Publisher: Sage Publications, ©1997

Nearly half of the over 20,000 homicide victims in the United States are related to or acquainted with their killers. The most common victims of intrafamilial killings are wives, followed by husbands, sons, daughters, fathers, brothers, mothers, and sisters, and the most common relationship between killer and victim is husband-wife. This 196-page book uses a case study approach to examine the various types of family homicide. The cases are actual homicides, and references in the footnotes are primarily from newspaper accounts.

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Title: Fathers as Primary Caregivers
Author: Brenda Geiger
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, ©1996

This 143-page book describes Brenda Geiger's research on fathers as primary caregivers.  Relevant earlier research is succinctly described and the hypotheses of this study are carefully explicated.  The sample includes 28 intact families with 14 primary caregiving fathers and 14 in which the mother was the exclusive day time caregiver for the child.  Interviews, videotaped semi-structured parent-child interactions, and coders of the behavioral observations were used.

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Title: Feeling Strong: How Power Issues Affect Our Ability to direct Our Own Lives   Neutral Review
Author: Ethel S. Person
Publisher: Quill, ©2003

This book deals with an important topic. Power to direct our lives and to relate to other people in effective ways is crucial to our daily lives and our experience of life. The author is a bright and skillful observer and writes well. The book can be engaging and interesting to many.

However, it is also a clear example of an ideological position determining both observations and the meaning given to them.

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Title: Filicide: The Murder, Humiliation, Mutilation, Denigration and Abandonment of Children by Parents
Author: Arnaldo Rascovsky (translated by Susan H. Rogers)
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc., ©1995

This 270-page book, written by an Argentine psychoanalyst and translated into English, is divided three parts. Part 1 deals with the history of filicide, part 2 with filicide in literature, and part 3 with the author's own thoughts and theories about filicide.  The book closes with an index and a dated set of references.

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Title: First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry
Author: Felicity Goodyear-Smith
Publisher: Benton-Guy Publishing, ©1993

While digesting this 167-page book, I was reminded of an international scientific conference on migraine I attended a few years ago: the most enthusiastic and innovative participants proved to be migraine sufferers themselves (like myself — advocating the use of prophylactic low dose aspirin). Dr. Goodyear-Smith is a general practitioner working in New Zealand. By coincidence, some of her relatives were falsely accused of having sexually abused children. When she started asking rational questions and provided the evidence that the alleged abuse was very questionable, she, herself, was attacked by fervent child protectors.

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Title: Gone in the Night: The Dowaliby Family's Encounter with Murder and the Law
Author: David Protess & Rob Warden
Publisher: Dell, ©1993

This 484-page book, written by a journalist and a political consultant, is about a couple falsely charged with child murder. The story involves police bungling, ineffective attorneys, a prosecutor motivated by political gain, and an easily influenced judge. The case was long, exhausting, and expensive. Bail was set very high and the couple was forced to stay in jail, where the wife received death threats from other prisoners. The Mt. Sinai hospital staff concluded that a younger sibling had been sexually and physically abused and this child was removed and placed in an institution.

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