Number 2 - Autumn 2001


(There are no articles in this issue.)

Book Reviews
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, Ph.D.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: An Evidence-Based Perspective
(by David M. Fergusson & Paul E. Mullen)

Forging Links: African American Children Clinical Developmental Perspectives
(Edited by Angela M. Neal-Barnett, Josefina M. Contreras, and Kathryn A. Kerns)

Prison Madness: The Mental Health Crisis Behind Bars and What We Must Do About It
(by Terry A. Kupers)

Shelters for Battered Women and Their Children
(by Albert L. Shostack)

Student-Generated Sexual Harassment in Secondary Schools
(by Roberta Wetzel and Nina W. Brown)

Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse: An Integrated Multi-component Approach
(by Paul Stephen Lundrigan)

Social Construction of What
(by Ian Hacking)

Child Abuse and Neglect: The School's Response
(by Connie Burrows Horton and Tracy K. Cruise)

Statistics for People Who (think they) Hate Statistics
(by Neil J. Salkind)

The Abuse of Men: Trauma Begets Trauma
(edited by Barbara Jo Brothers)

Handbook for Sexual Abuser Assessment and Treatment
(edited by Mark S. Carich & Steven E. Mussack)

Trauma and Cognitive Science: A Meeting of Minds, Science, and Human Experience
(edited by Jennifer J. Freyd & Anne P. DePrince)


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