Summer 2003


Complaint and Motion
P.T. & W.W.

Informational and Awareness Packet on the Subject of Child Sexual Abuse
Randall Blake

Testimonial Minefield: An Overview Of Interrogation Techniques Utilized By Attorneys During Adversarial Questioning And Cross-Examination
Eric L. Nelson

Book Reviews
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, PhD.

Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification: A "Megan's Law" Sourcebook, Second Edition
(by Karen J. Terry and John S. Furlong)

The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children
(Edited by Robert A. Geffner, Robyn Spurling Igelman, and Jennifer Zellner)

Trauma and Sexuality
(Edited by James A. Chu and Elizabeth S. Bowman)

Evidence-based Psychotherapies for Children and Adolescents
(Edited by Alan E. Kazdin and John R. Weisz)

The Contours of Police Integrity
(Edited by Carl B. Klockars, Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic, and M. R. Haberfeld)

Feeling Strong: How Power Issues Affect Our Ability to direct Our Own Lives
(by Ethel S. Person)

The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs
(by Richard Lawrence Miller)

Rethinking the DSM: A Psychological Perspective
(Edited by Larry E. Beutler and Mary L. Malik)


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