Number 2 - Spring 1990


Coping with Alleged False Sexual Molestation: Examination and Statement Validity Procedures
Martha L. Rogers

Review of the Current Status and Use of Statement Validity Analysis Procedures in the United States
Martha L. Rogers

Investigative Procedures in Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse. Part III: Indictment and Trial
John C. Wideman

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Integration of Classic and Contemporary Types
Deirdre Conway Rand

The Confrontation Clause and the Child Witness
Hollida Wakefield

Court of Appeals of Maryland: Maryland v. Craig
William H. Murphy

United States Supreme Court Amicus Curiae Brief
Ralph Underwager, Hollida Wakefield, & Louis Kiefer

Self-Help Groups for the Erroneously Charged: A Proposed Model
LeRoy G. Schultz

Book Reviews:
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

Child Sexual Abuse: A Feminist Reader
(edited by Emily Driver and Audrey Droisen)

Victims No Longer
(by Mike Lew)

Unofficial Secrets
(by Beatrix Campbell)

Systematic Treatment of Incest: A Therapeutic Handbook
(by Terry A. Trepper and Mary J. Barrell)

Family Visiting of Children in Out-of-Home Care: A Practical Guide
(by Peg M. Hess and Kathleen O. Proch)

Professional Responsibilities in Protecting Children: A Public Health Approach to Child Sexual Abuse
(edited by Ann Maney and Susan Wells)

The New Child Protection Team Handbook
(edited by Donald C. Bross and Richard D. Krugman)


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