Number 4 - Fall 1993


A False Confession of Child Sexual Abuse on the Navaho Reservation: The Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale and Expert Testimony
Mickey McMahon

Body Memories: And Other Pseudo-Scientific Notions of "Survivor Psychology"
Susan E. Smith

Civic Creche Case, Christchurch
Felicity Goodyear-Smith

How to Destroy a Family
Ralph Underwager

Iatrogenically Induced Personality Disorder and Ritual Abuse Memories in a 10-Year-Old Child
Zachary Bravos

In the Interest of Jane Doe and Tamera Doe: Proceedings Before the Hon. Richard X. Jackson

The Verdict
Del Richardson

Book Reviews:

Hurting for Love: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome
(by Herbert Schreir & Judith Libow)
Reviewed by Deirdre Conway Rand

The Sexual Abuse of Children: Theory and Research, Volumes 1 and 2
(edited by William O'Donohue & James H., Geer)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

The Sexualized Children: Assessment and Treatment of Sexualized Children and Children Who Molest
(by Eliana Gil & Toni C. Johnson)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

DSM-IV Draft Criteria
(by Task Force on DSM-IV, American Psychiatric Association)
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager

International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy, Second Edition
(edited by Alan S. Bellack, Michel Hersen, & Alan E. Kazdin)
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager

Wounded Boys, Heroic Men: A Man's Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse
(by Daniel Jay Sonkin
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

The Rape Victim: Clinical and Community Interventions, Second Edition
(by Mary P. Koss & Mary R. Harvey)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

The Effect of Children on Parents
(by Ann-Marle Ambert)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz

Cognitive and Social Factors in Early Deception
(edited by Stephen J. Ceci, Michelle DeSimone Leichtman, & Mary Elizabeth Putnick)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz & Hollida Wakefield

Presumption of Guild
(by Herb Brown)
Reviewed by LeRoy G. Schultz


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