Volume 1 - 1989
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Volume 1, Number 1, Winter, 1989

bulletEditors' Note. Hollida Wakefield & Ralph Underwager
bulletDefense Considerations in the Child as Witness in Allegations of Sexual Abuse. Part I. Witnesses in General: How We Measure Credibility. Louis Kiefer
bulletChild Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs and Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse: An Analysis. James J. Krivacska
bulletInterrogation of Children. Hollida Wakefield and Ralph Underwager
bulletOne Hundred Cases of Unfounded Child Sexual Abuse: A Survey and Recommendations. LeRoy Schultz
bulletBehavior of Abused and Non-Abused Children in Interviews with Anatomically-Correct Dolls. William McIver II, Hollida Wakefield, & Ralph Underwager
bulletMass Hysteria in Oude Pekela. Benjamin Rossen
bulletAn Illusion in Red and White. Stephen Crane
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 1, Number 2, Spring, 1989

bulletAlleged Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse. Ross Legrand, Hollida Wakefield, & Ralph Underwager
bulletCounterattack and Control: Keys to Successful Defense of False Child Abuse Accusations. Eliot R. Clauss
bulletPsychological Evaluation of an Alleged Abuse Victim by the Defense. Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield
bulletThe Social Worker as an Expert Witness in suspected Child Abuse Cases: A Primer for Beginners. LeRoy Schultz
bulletDefense Considerations in the Child as Witness in Allegations of Sexual Abuse. Part II. The Child Witness: Legal Competency. Louis Kiefer
bulletManipulating the Child Sexual Abuse System. Hollida Wakefield & Ralph Underwager
bulletLearning From the McMartin Hoax. Lee Coleman
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 1, Number 3, Summer, 1989

bulletMedical Examination for Sexual Abuse: Have We Been Misled? Lee Coleman
bulletDefense Considerations in the Child as Witness in Allegations of Sexual Abuse. Part III. Defense Strategies for the Falsely Accused. Louis Kiefer
bulletAppeal Brief, Court of Appeals of Maryland: Maryland vs. Craig. William H, Murphy, Jr.
bulletProsecution and Child Sexual Abuse. Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield
bulletAn Australian View. Ian D. John
bulletMy First Lie, and How I Got Out of It. Mark Twain
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 1, Number 4, Fall, 1989

bulletPrimary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: Alternative, Non-Child Directed Approaches. James J. Krivacska
bulletChild Hearsay vs. the Confrontation Clause: Can the Sixth Amendment Survive? Paul F. Herzog
bulletThe Child Protection Teams: Defenses for the Falsely Accused. LeRoy Schultz
bulletMunchausen Syndrome by Proxy as a Possible Factor When Abuse is Falsely Alleged. Deirdre Conway Rand.
bulletInvestigative Procedures in Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse. Part I: The Initial Criminal Investigation. John C. Wideman
bulletBook Reviews

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