Volume 4 - 1992
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Volume 4, Number 1, Winter, 1992

bulletWho Evaluates Child Interviews and Interviewers? Lawrence W. Daly
bulletMandatory Sentencing. Marvin Manross
bulletYour Child Sex Offender Client is Going To Be Sentenced: Ready or Not? Joel Erik Thompson
bulletSuggestions When Falsely Accused. Bruce G. Gould
bulletFooling Ourselves: Cargo Cult Law and Medicine. Robert Sheridan
bulletAssessing Credibility in Children's Testimony in Ritual Abuse Allegations. Hollida Wakefield & Ralph Underwager
bulletAn Essay/Review of Galileo's Revenge by Peter Huber. Jack Zusman
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 4, Number 2, Spring, 1992 (Special Issue)

bulletEditor's Note. Ralph Underwager
bulletThe Trade in Child Pornography. Jan Schuijer & Benjamin Rossen
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 4, Number 3, Summer, 1992

bulletPromoting Play Therapy: Marketing Dream or Empirical Nightmare? Terence W. Campbell
bulletFalse Allegations of Sexual Abuse and the Persuasiveness of Play Therapy. Terence W. Campbell
bulletChild Sexual Abuse Allegations: Investigative Approaches and Identifying Hypotheses. Lawrence W. Daly
bulletDefense of Child Molestation Charges. Joel Erik Thompson
bulletThe Effects of a False Accusation of Sexual abuse on the Spouse of the Accused. Lesley Wimberly
bulletLeading Stimuli, Leading Gestures, and Leading Questions. Richard A. Gardner
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 4, Number 4, Fall, 1992 [Special Issue]

bulletEditor's Note. Hollida Wakefield
bulletDiagnosing Incest: The Problems of False Positives and Their Consequences. Terence W. Campbell
bulletCreating "Memories" of Sexual Abuse. Lee Coleman
bulletBelated Realization of Child Sex Abuse by an Adult. Richard A. Gardner
bulletUncovering Memories of Alleged Sexual Abuse: The Therapists Who Do It. Hollida Wakefield & Ralph Underwager
bulletWhy Believe That For Which There Is No Good Evidence? Robyn M. Dawes
bulletRecovered Memories of Alleged Sexual Abuse: Memory as Production and as Reproduction. Joseph Wakefield
bulletEvaluating Adult Litigants Who Allege Injuries From Sexual Abuse: Clinical Assessment Methods For Traumatic Memories. Martha L. Rogers
bulletTraumatic Therapy. Lynn Price Gondolf
bulletFalse Memories of Child Sexual Abuse: A Personal Account. Mel Gavigan
bulletThe Nightmare That May Never End. Rebecca Doe
bulletBook Reviews

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