Volume 3 - 1991
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Volume 3, Number 1, Winter, 1991

bulletSexual Abuse Prevention Programs: Can They Cause False Allegations? James Krivacska
bulletSex Offender Treatment. Hollida Wakefield & Ralph Underwager
bulletAll Fall Down. Frank Lee
bulletBiases of Retrospection. Robyn M. Dawes
bulletA Canadian Perspective of Child Sexual Abuse Accusations in the Gender War. Brian Hindmarch
bulletStructured, Time-Limited, Mastery-Oriented Therapy Groups for Sexually Abused, Preadolescent Children. Billie F. Corder
bulletThe "Validators" and Other Examiners. Richard A. Gardner
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1991

bulletChild Witness: Cognitive and Social Factors Related to Memory and Testimony. Stephen J. Lepore
bulletThe Essentials of Child Abuse Investigation and Child Interviews. Lawrence W. Daly
bulletAmbiguity, Barriers, and Contradictions: The ABCs of Child Abuse Allegations. James C. Overholser
bulletCrisis in Education: False Allegations of Child Abuse. Jane Maxson
bulletThe Dynamic of Shame in Interactions Between Child Protective Services and Families Falsely Accused of Child Abuse. Sabrina Luza & Enrique Ortiz
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 3, Number 3, Summer, 1991

bulletEditors Note. Hollida Wakefield
bulletThe Satanic Cult Scare and Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse. Jeffrey S. Victor
bulletChild Abuse and Witchcraft? Perspective on the 15th and 20th Centuries. Zachary Bravos
bulletHow Could this Happen? Coping with a False Accusation of Incest and Rape. Jane Doe
bulletEvaluating an Alleged Satanic Ritualistic Abuser: What We Don't Know. Martha L. Rogers
bulletCur Allii, Prae Aliis? (Why Some, and Not Others?) Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield
bulletBook Reviews

Volume 3, Number 4, Fall, 1991

bulletA Critical Analysis of a Medical Report in a Case of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse. Robert Fay
bulletAftermath of a False Allegation. John Smith
bulletIn the Interest of H. R. K. and Due Process: Can a Juvenile Court Terminate Parental Rights Without an Adjudication? Jean Z. Dickson
bulletTranscultural Developmental Sexology: Genital Greeting Versus Child Molestation. John Money, Swayam Prakasam, & Venkat N. Joshi
bulletGiving up Cherished Ideas: The Rorschach Ink Blot Test. Robyn Dawes
bulletCentral Registry: Protection or Oppression? Ralph Underwager & Hollida Wakefield
bulletFlorida Abuse Registry Loses in Federal Court. Jeff Whalen
bulletHow to Get Removed From a Central Registry. Hollis Petersen
bulletPlaintiff's Brief Regarding the Constitutionality of Central Registry. Rowe Stayton
bulletBook Reviews

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