Number 1 - Winter 2001


Syndrome Testimony, Base Rates, and What the Expert Can Ethically Tell the Trier of Fact in Alleged Child Abuse Cases
Jack S. Annon

Societal Myths about Sex Offending and Consequences for Prevention of Offending Behavior Against Children and Women
James Krivacska, James Free, Richard Gibb, and Drew Kinnear

Child Sexual Abuse: Is the Routine Provision of Psychotherapy Warranted?
Thomas D. Oellerich

Trouble Right Here in River City: What Happens When the Prosecutorial Urge to Create Persuasive Video Evidence Contaminates the Child Interviewing Process in Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse
Stephen Danforth

How to Win Guards and Influence Inmates
Stephen Danforth

Book Reviews
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager, Ph.D.

Dictionary of Theories, Laws, and Concepts in Psychology
(by John E. Roeckelein)

Psychology and the Legal System, Fourth Edition
(by Lawrence S. Wrightsman, Michael T. Nietzel, and William H. Fortune)

Children Surviving Persecution
(edited by Judith S. Kestenberg & Charlotte Kahn)

Ethics and Values in Psychotherapy
(by Alan C. Tjeltveit)

Flesh and Spirit: Private Life in Early Modern Germany
(by Steven Ozment)

Sex Crimes, Predators, Perpetrators, Prostitutes, and Victims
(by R. Barri Flowers)

Child Abuse: A Global View
(edited by B. M. Schwartz-Kenney, M. McCauley, and M. A. Epstein)

Teen Violence: A Global View
(edited by A. M. Hoffman and R. W. Summers)

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Sourcebook
(edited by Helene Henderson)

Preparing Children for Court: A Practitioner's Guide
(by Lynn M. Copen)

Therapeutic Interventions for Children with Parental Alienation Syndrome
(by Richard A. Gardner, M.D.)

Recovered Memories of Child Sexual Abuse
(edited by Sheila Taub)

The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception
(by Roger W. Shuy)

Trust & Betrayal in the Treatment of Child Abuse
(by Laurie K. MacKinnon)

Sexual Abuse Litigation: A Practical Resource for Attorneys, Clinicians, and Advocates
(edited by Rebecca Rix)

Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing
(by Ted Conover)

Making Good: How Ex-convicts Reform and Rebuild Their Lives
(by Shadd Maruna)

Smoke and Mirrors: The Devastating Effect of False Sexual Abuse Claims
(by Terence W. Campbell)
Reviewed by Hollida Wakefield


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